Beta program Retailer API

The beta program of the Retailer API allows you to use functionality that is not yet officially launched in the most recent API version if you are interested in that specific feature. You can test this functionality throughout the duration of the beta program.

Be advised that only a limited number of people can subscribe for a beta. You can find a beta form on the respective pages listing the tested functionality.

To sign up for one of the limited spots on our upcoming betas, mail us here.

Why is there a beta program?

With the beta program, we aim to get more insights from you that we can use as input for our future development. You can provide input based on the API’s functionality, structure, and new feature requests. We try to get you involved as much as possible during this process. By participating in the beta you have the ability to influence the final version of the API before it is officially launched.

Functional and project betas

We differentiate between functional betas and project betas.

Functional betas are used to review the behaviour of existing functionality in the API. For example, this could include:

  • Traffic consumption

  • Quality of data returned

  • Enhancing product placements

Project betas allow us to preview new functionality that we hope to make part of the Retailer API. They are API endpoints that are still subject to possible change before going live, and we’re using these betas to gather feedback based on the way the API is designed.

What feedback we are looking for?

We are looking for any feedback on the functional and technical use. Some areas of feedback might include the following:


  • Is the Retailer API logically structured and understandable?

  • Do you see points of improvements?


  • How do you experience the performance?

  • Do the applied rate limits work for you?


  • Is the functional documentation clear for you and was it complete?

  • Is the ReDoc API documentation correct and complete?

  • Does the demo environment work for you and cover all the scenarios?

What will you get from us?

We supply you with the following items:

  • Functional documentation at

  • ReDoc documentation on

  • Demo environment for API simulation

  • Postman collection containing the endpoints

  • Access to the beta endpoints as long as the beta period runs

What do we expect from you?

Participating in the beta means that you will be involved actively in our testing and feedback program. With this, we expect the following from you:

  • When participating in the beta, beta-related questions can be posted on our GitHub page.

  • Issues that you encounter that are not part of one of the beta endpoints must be directed to Partner Services. You can find the details on this partner platform page. Questions/remarks that are not related to the beta endpoints will not be answered.

  • The current running production endpoints remain working. In case of issues, you can use the latest production version to support your regular business processes.

  • For each beta period, we define a moment to get into contact with each other. In this moment, we can get a better understanding of the rationale behind your findings/questions.

In case you encounter any issues, please let us know:

  • The endpoint name where you experience issues

  • The date and time on which you experienced an issue

  • The error you encountered

  • The result you were expecting

  • Reproduction path: what did you do that resulted in this error?

Our promises to you

During our beta program, we guarantee the following:

  • We refrain from making breaking changes to the API. What works in the beta will remain working on the production version. Developing against our external API means that you can reuse your code for the running production version.

  • In case a breaking change becomes unavoidable, we align together with all participants on the approach and timing.

  • Being part of the beta means being part of We will work closely together and incorporate your feedback as much as we can.

Beta program release schedule

The current release schedule is outlined here:

Beta block Start date End date Announcement date


1 March

1 June

First week February


1 June

1 September

First week May


1 September

1 December

First week August


1 December

1 March

First week November

Announcements will be sent out a month before the start of a new beta release. However, you can also sign up for the pre-announcement overview, which we will send out approximately 3 months before the start of the next beta block.

This pre-announcement will give you an overview of the betas we expect to release in the coming months but can still be subject to change in release date or scope. By signing up to the pre-announcements, you can plan to register for the limited spots on interesting betas.


Please be aware that participation in a beta version of the API is at your own risk. Using our beta endpoints can have impact on your regular process as they might behave differently than expected. In this case, please reach out to the respective beta team. Penalties on your partner performance do not count for beta endpoints.