Retailer API migration guide from v5 to v6.

Version 6 of the Retailer API introduces some significant improvements to’s partner developer tools. We recommend upgrading from V4 to take advantage of the enhanced designs and features in the new API.

The API lifecycle schedule can be found here. Please ensure that you migrate from v5 before it is removed on 01 October 2022.

v6 features and improvements

  • Promotions API (Beta): follow promotions of campaigns that apply to your offers. This gives you the opportunity to review and adjust your prices so that you can participate in a promotion.

  • The Subscriptions API has been moved out of Beta.

  • Subscribe to shipping information: via the Subscription API it is now possible to subscribe to shipping information. As a result, you do not always have to retrieve shipping information from the link, but only if you receive a notification that something has changed in the shipment.

  • Shipping labels: There are 2 improvements to shipping labels:

    • When fetching delivery options, makes a recommendation (recommended) for the best shipping option.

    • When fetching delivery options, the name of the shipping label is sent back so that the type of label is more transparent.

  • Tracking shipments: Transport events are now included in GET single shipments, which allow you to track shipment events when they are updated in the system. This gives you more insight into the shipments.

Changed resources from v5

To guide you through the right steps and take important changes into account, you can use this migration guide to migrate from v5 to v6. Any changes in this guide are compared to v5.

  • All Beta features, including Promotions, will be moved to v7 on 1 October, and removed from earlier versions on 1 November. You should migrate your endpoints if you are still using these features.

Table 1. Table of changed resources
Resource Impact


No changes


No changes


Low (1 change)


No changes


No changes


Low (1 change)

Process status

No changes

Product content

Low (3 changes


No changes


Low (2 changes)


Medium (7 changes)

Shipping labels

Low (2 changes)


No changes