Search terms

The Search terms endpoint in the Insights API allows you to view customer search volume over a period of time. This information can help you to optimize your product content, spot opportunities for extending your assortment, and analyze trends for inventory management.

Search volume insights API endpoint

Get search terms: Retrieves the search volume for a specified search term and period. The search volume allows you to see what customers are searching for.

Search term fields

Table 1. Search term field descriptions
Field Description


The specific term for which you want to get the search volumes.


The period by which you want to group your data. Data can be grouped by:

  • day

  • week

  • month


How many time periods you want to report back.

For example, if you search on "Harry Potter" with a period of "week" and a number-of-periods of "20", you would receive back all customer searches for "Harry Potter" for the last 20 weeks.


Indicates whether you want to receive the related search terms. Default is false.

Availability and updating of data

  • The search volume is updated every day at 05:00 AM, and uses data that was valid until 12:00 PM the day before.

  • The maximum availability of data is up to 4 years, but this depends on the search period you use. See the table below:

Table 2. Search availability per search period
Period Available data


365 days (1 year)


104 weeks (2 years)


48 months (4 years)