Creating product families

Product families can increase your revenue and customer satisfaction, by making it easier to find the products they want. Families also inherit reviews, which increases conversion.

For example, if you have a set of shoes with the same model but in different sizes, they can be grouped as a family. The website will then show the possible shoe sizes on the same page.

Families in bulk

How does it work?

  1. Within your content feeds you can give the products that belong to one family the same Family Key attribute value. This should be done in a single request. Using the same key for products sent in the multiple requests will not group them into product families.

  2. After sending the content feed, we will group the products with the same value and create product families on the website.

  3. After creating the product families, we delete the values. This is per-upload and we do not look at what has been supplied in an earlier stage.

We do not store your Family Key value. They are only used to make families for each batch content upload.

Prerequisites for creating families

  • The products must be in the same product group (chunkId).

  • The products must have the same brand, author, or artist.

  • The products must have at least one differentiating feature.

    Distinctive features are the attribute(s) that separate the products in a family. For example this can be size and color for a t-shirt or shoe size for a pair of sneakers.
  • One family has a maximum of 100 products.

Adding products to a family group

To add a product to a family, copy the EAN of the product that is already in the family where you want to add your products and give these products the same value in the attribute Family Key, then make a new call.

Currently you will not receive feedback to see if this was successful. In the Seller Dashboard you can also add new products and see whether they were added to the family.

Deleting products from a family

Currently, deleting products from a family can be done through the Seller Dashboard:

  1. Select a product in "My assortment"

  2. Click on "Bewerk varianten"

  3. Click the "Ontkoppel" button.

Additional points

How long will it take for the changes to become visible?

If the uploaded products meet our prerequisites, this process can take up to 24 hours.

What if one of the products accidentally has a different brand, author, or artist?

If there is a mistake in a differentiating feature, it will not be grouped. You will need to fix it and re-upload the batch.