Commissions API

For every purchase via the plaza platform a small margin, also known as commission, is deducted from the purchasing price.

The commission consists of a fixed amount and percentage of the selling price and may vary depending on the product categories and the selling price.

Using our commission endpoints you can identify and calculate relevant commissions per EAN and adjust your price accordingly.

Using our commission endpoints you can identify the relevant commissions per EAN. Based on the EAN and the selling price (and optionally the condition) you provide us, we will calculate and return the applicable commission fee. This is supported in both single and bulk requests and is set by either parameters in the single request, or elements in the bulk request. For the bulk endpoint, you can provide a maximum of 100 EANs in one single request.

The price per EAN is required because our commission calculations are based on a range of prices. We will charge a lower or higher commission depending on the selling price.

In v4 of the API we removed the reductions endpoint. You can get reductions information through the commission endpoints because reduction information is available in the response.

VAT calculations

All commissions are calculated with VAT included, with one exception: the totalCost commission amount includes VAT for Dutch sellers, and excludes VAT for Belgian sellers. This is due to the regulations related to selling in another country to the one in which you are registered. For more information, see Cross-border VAT


The Commissions calls will also return any reductions to the commission fee that applies to the EANs. The Reductions element will show the boundaries for activating reductions in each EAN. This will allow you to adjust your price if it becomes worthwhile to qualify for a reduction in your commission.

While the Reductions element will always be returned, it will only contain information if EANs in the list qualify for a commission reduction; otherwise the list will be empty.