Allowable Retail Price (BETA)

DISCLAIMER: Providing this information might lead to price increases, possibly interfering with Dutch and Belgian competition law. If the experiment proves that prices increase significantly, the endpoint will not be continued in V5.

What is the Allowable Retail Price?

The Allowable Retail Price endpoint is an experimental endpoint to request the highest allowed price for an EAN on the platform. This Allowable Retail Price is based on the Relevant Market Price (RMP). The RMP is recalculated approximately once per week. In this (Dutch) explainer, the origin of the RMP is explained, and the calculation from RMP to Allowable Retail Price is described in the The pricing policy section: prijsbeleid.

The technical documentation for this endpoint can be found here: get Allowable Retail Price Redoc.

Why use the Allowable Retail Price endpoint?

At, offers that are priced too high compared to the Relevant Market Price are not shown in the webshop. These offers get the status ‘unpublished’ with the reason 'Price too high'. Using the Allowable Retail Price endpoint helps partners to find out where that boundary is, and set a more attractive price for customers.

How to use the Allowable Retail Price endpoint?

This endpoint provides the Allowable Retail Price for assortment with the condition new, with VAT included. Besides that, the Allowable Retail Price includes shipping cost, which differs from Verkoperaccount. If you use logistics via to ship your products, please subtract the shipping cost of € 2.99 for products below € 20. At this time, it is not possible to request the Allowable Retail Price based on ISBN.

When your EAN is less than 13 characters you have to add leading zeros.

1. Correcting prices for existing offers

EANs that have been unpublished due to a price far above the Relevant Market Price can be checked against the Allowable Retail Price endpoint. On average, the Relevant Market Price changes once per week, and with that the boundary above which offers are unpublished.

Table 1. Logical process flow:

Create/update offer

Unpublish offer due to high price

Get price constraint

Provide price constraint

Update offer

Publish offer (unless other unpublished reasons exist)

2. Setting the price for new offers

Requesting the Allowable Retail Price for EANs that are not yet in your assortment can help inform price setting.

Please note that when your EAN is less than 13 characters you will have to add leading zeros for the call to succeed.

When is the Allowable Retail Price available?

For products that are new for the retailer but already known at the Allowable Retail Price will immediately be available.

For products that are completely new, on average it will take up to a month before the Allowable Retail Price is available.