Retailer API resources

Welcome to the public resources page for the Retailer API. Here you will find all recent documentation regarding the current version of the API.

Resource Description Location
ApiSpec Swagger/OpenAPI spec for use in documentation tools and code generators. v3 Formatted v3 Raw
API Reference documentation Technical documentation, based on Redoc. v3 Redoc
Conventions Set of conventions used in the API, from version 3 onwards. API Conventions
Release notes API release notes, migration paths. API Release notes
Demo environment Documentation covering available endpoints in demo environment. Demo docs
Rate limits Retailer API endpoint rate limits in a consumable format (JSON). For current, live insights in the rate limits inspect the headers provided in every call. API Rate limits Rate limits Raw
Postman Suite Retailer API endpoints documented using Postman. Can be imported to the Postman app for easy execution. v3 Postman Development Center